Top Tips for Natural Sleep while Travelling

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Sleep can be significantly impacted by travel across time zones and being in a strange or foreign environment.  Try these simple ideas to improve your sleep while you are away from home.

  • If you are travelling long haul, set your watch to the time of your arrival destination and do what you would naturally do at that time of day. For example, if on take off the time is 10pm at your destination, try to sleep on the plane to align your body clock with your destination’s local time.
  • Remember to drink as much water as you can while flying as this will also help to alleviate jet lag symptoms
  • Travel with small pictures of your family to place on your bedside table where you are staying
  • Clear away visible signs of work from the desk in your hotel room, including your phone
  • So you can be confident on waking on time, arrange a wake up call and set an alarm on your phone (remembering of course the different time zones!)
  • Make preparations for the next morning before you go to bed so everything is ready for you when you wake. 
  • Try to exercise – go for a swim, run in the hotel gym or go for a walk
  • Try to eat lightly if you are entertaining and avoid alcohol
  • Sleep on your preferred side of bed and remove excess pillows and bedding. Ideally travel with your own pillow!
  • If you suffer from Dust Mite Allergies then try travelling with your own MiteGuard Pillow Cover and Travel Sheet
  • Arrange curtains so light enters the room in the morning or sleep with a sleep mask if the curtains are not heavy/dark enough
  • Avoid watching television or playing computer games.  Instead call home or read a book
  • Use breathing techniques or yoga to help you relax before bed
  • Keep earplugs by your bed and an extra blanket where you can get to it easily if temperature or noise become a problem
  • Experiment with air conditioning so temperature is right. Wearing natural sleepwear will help your body to regulate temperature naturally and keep you comfortable if the temperature in your room changes suddenly.