How do MiteGuard Dust Mite Barrier Covers work?

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Scientifically proven allergen barrier fabric
All MiteGuard® covers are made with 3.5micron, 100% Natural Cotton fabric, using precision microweave technology. The MiteGuard® fabric and construction methods have been independently tested by a leading NZ microbiologist.
  • Proven to block dust mite allergen particles to below detectable levels
  • Breathable: 86% of the air-flow that passes through a standard poly/cotton sheet can pass through the cover
Complete encasement for optimum protection
The MiteGuard® covers are designed to fully encase your mattress, duvet or pillow – forming an effective allergen barrier between the dust mites and the sleeper.  
  • Extra strong taped seams, high quality YKK zips
  • Internal flap closures provide a secure barrier
  • Easy to use and comfortable

Zip your Mattress, Duvet or Pillow directly into your MiteGuard® Cover, and place your regular bed linen over the top.

Easy to care for
Wash your MiteGuard® Covers in hot water (60°C) every 2-3 months. You can also vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth, between washes to keep allergen levels down.
Your regular bed linen should be washed in hot water every week. (60°C is required to kill dust mites - A plumber may be able to by-pass the ‘Tempering Valve’ or you could use a front-loading washing machine.)

The MiteGuard® range is endorsed by Asthma NZ and Allergy NZ.

For optimum Dust Mite protection it is recommended to get a Mattress Cover, Duvet Cover and Pillow Cover.

Custom made is available on request.