Reducing your Ezcema symptoms/triggers at bedtime

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The causes of Eczema can be varied, and for many people it is a matter of trial and eror to work out what their particular triggers are. Some Eczema is a direct symptom of an allergic reaction to things such as food or dust mites, while others can be irritated and inflamed by non-allergenic triggers, such as chemicals, heat and stress.

Here are a few things to help manage your Eczema at night and ensure a better nights sleep.

Use 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

  • Cotton has long been recommended for Eczema sufferers because of its smooth fibre and breathable nature. Rough, scratchy fibres can irritate Eczema, and synthetic fibres lack the breathability of a natural fibre like Cotton.
  • Organic Cotton is now being recommended as it is free from pesticide residue and finishing chemicals such as Formaldehyde that can irritate the skin, triggering a flare up
  • SleepFROG have developed a luxurious organic bedding range that is 100% certifed organic and made in New Zealand. Check our their bed sheets and duvet inners.


Keep cool while you sleep

  • Heat irritates Ezcema, so make sure you create a cool, well ventilated, sleeping environment
  • Avoid Memory Foam Beds and Pillows as they often retain heat, leaving many people waking up hot
  • Look into getting a natural mattress - free from toxic fire retardants. Check out the Innature Mattresses for a natural, breathable, non-toxic mattress.
  • Go for a Wool or Tencel Duvet Inner as the natural properties in these materials help body your body temperature regulated throughout the night.

Reduce Dust Mites

  • Dust Mites and in particular their faecal droppings contain potent allergenic proteins that can trigger allergic reactions. Many people find their symptoms relieved by reducing the Dust Mite Allergen, especially those who have associated Atopic Eczema conditions such as Asthma and Hay Fever.
  • We recommend MiteGuard® Dust Mite Allergen Bedding Covers. They full encase your mattress, duvet or pillow and have been scientifically proven to block the Dust Mite Allergen to below detectable levels. They are highly recommended by Allergy NZ and Asthma NZ.
  • For more information on reducing Dust Mites check out Reducing the Dust Mite Allergen in your home


Other tips for reducing Eczema symptoms at bedtime:

  • Keep the skin moist by using a daily moisturiser – preferably within a few minutes of having a bath or shower to ‘lock in’ in the moisture
  • Lukewarm baths and showers using a non-soap cleanser or hypoallergenic bath oil.
  • Wear 100 per cent cotton nightwear
  • Regularly wash your bed linen in hot water every week (60°C is required to kill dust mites). A plumber may be able to by-pass the ‘Tempering Valve’ or you could use a front-loading washing machine.
  • Use gentle fragrance-free laundry products when washing clothes, bedding and towels. Avoid using bleaches, fabric softeners and highly fragranced detergents.
  • Avoid stuffed toys which harbour dust mites. Alternatively freeze your child’s favourite soft toys every 2-3 months. Freezing kills Dust Mites, as does exposure to sunlight.
  • Reduce daily stress

For more information on Eczema visit Allergy NZ