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Buckwheat Husk Body Pillow

Since using the buckwheat body pillow that I got from NSS, I have been sleeping more soundly through the night and waking up with my body feeling refreshed, vital and fluid. The feeling of full support during sleep, fully allowing my muscles to relax and heal, has made me a happier woman and that has trickled down to my family and my practice. Thank you so much!

Dr. Aimee Davis


Dr Aimee Davis, Chiropractor

Mandy Crawford

...caught up with my client last week I referred to your website.  She was raving about your latex pillows and said she has been so impressed and sleeping so well, that she has bought one for her husband as well - so thanks for that...'   Mandy Crawford, Neuromuscular Therapist

Mandy Crawford

Ian Papamoa

'My wife and I are delighted with your latex pillows. There is always a  reserve of comfort whichever way one turns ones head and because of their anti allergenic nature we find that even waking up is a pleasure!'
Ian, Papamoa

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