Why Should I Use Natural Products for Sleep?

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Sleep is a natural process. Therefore in order to solve our sleep issues it seems logical to turn to products and solutions that are natural, pure and organic. So what are the benefits of choosing natural products over their synthetic counterparts?

Happy and healthy

The treatment of sleep issues with natural products is by no means a new approach. While some sleep disorders do require consultation with a medical professional, many sleep issues can be alleviated using proven natural products. Pharmaceutical solutions can be associated with adverse effects such as dependency and the disruption of normal sleeping patterns. The health benefits of herbs such as lavender and chamomile have been known for centuries and their use continues today in the modern world.

Likewise, your health benefits from choosing products made with natural materials such as organic cotton and wool. Natural fibres offer their own inbuilt insulation, fire retardants and durability, so you get the practical features of a natural product along with a healthy sleeping environment. Choosing a natural solution means you can enhance your health without subjecting your body to further synthetic chemicals.

Benefiting the environment

With the complicated world we live in, many of us are turning ‘back to basics’. We make conscious decisions to nurture our selves and our families in the best way possible, with minimal stress on our environment and natural resources. When it comes to what you’re sleeping on, the healthiest option is to choose a mattress that is made of natural, sustainable fibres. We often put considerable thought into choosing the healthiest and safest bassinet and cot mattresses for our youngsters – but when was the last time you put as much thought into what you’re sleeping on?

Many conventional mattresses may provide comfort and affordability, but are manufactured with synthetic materials and chemicals. Choosing a mattress that is manufactured with natural materials such as latex, wool and coco fibre will ensure you have the comfort and support you need, while being a healthy and environmentally friendly option.

Value for money

Quality is so important when you’re purchasing a product, and even more so when you’re relying on the product to improve your health and well being. We spend a third of our lives asleep, and if we don’t get this right it negatively impacts the other two thirds! Rest assured, your choice of a natural product will ensure quality and value for money, in addition to a good nights sleep.

So much choice!

There are a myriad of products available to help you sleep well – so many it is often overwhelming! The Natural Sleep Shop will provide you with the knowledge and products to help you make an informed decision that is right for you.