Tencel® Pillow by Bambi

Tencel® Pillow

This beautifully soft, full pillow made from Tencel®fibre - a natural eucalyptus fibre fill. It offers superior breathability, comfort and softness. The Tencel®fibre is rolled and so it won’t collapse over time.It’s a perfect pillow for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, eco conscious, and those just after a good nights sleep!

  • Provides a drier, healthier sleep
  • Hypo-allergenic, naturally anti-bacterial
  • Eco-friendly
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Australian Company - Product now made in China

Dimensions:  70 x 45cm
Care:  Hand wash, line dry


What is Tencel® and how is it made?

The key ingredient of Tencel® is Eucalyptus bark.  Eco-friendly and earth friendly, it can be grown on marginal land without pesticides and chemicals and has a high yield compared to cotton (it needs a tenth of the water cotton does to grow). This product is made from renewable plantation grown trees.

Also known as Lyocell, Tencel® is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from dissolving Eucalyptus wood pulp.  Tencel® is created through a process called solvent spinning. The wood pulp is dissolved in N-methylmorpholine N-oxide, creating a solution called "dope," which is then pushed through a spinneret to form the individual fibers. After the dope has been spun into lyocell fibers, the fibers are washed and the chemicals retrieved from the water are purified and recycled. (Kadolph, Sara, and Anna Langford. Textiles:Ninth Edition. Prentice Hall. 2002.) Since there is little waste product, this process is relatively eco-friendly.

Why is a Tencel® pillow great for sleep?

Tencel® has excellent moisture absorption and dissipation – up to 50% more effective than cotton, enabling a drier, more comfortable, healthier sleep.  Since we spend almost a third of a 24 hour day asleep, and can lose up to 1 litre of water every night having pillows which naturally remove moisture ensures your sleep is more comfortable, healthier and more hygienic.

Tencel® is:

  • naturally breathable, so prevents the formation of bacteria since air moves freely through the fibres
  • naturally anti-allergenic – ideal for sensitive skins and allergy sufferers
  • odour free – perfect for those who have are sensitive to aromas
  • luxurious to touch with excellent drape.

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