Tencel® Duvet Inner - High loft 430gsm -sizes Single to California King

Tencel® Duvet Inner (430gsm)
Natural Tencel duvet inner,  tencel quilt inner Natural Tencel duvet inner,  tencel quilt inner folded

Single, Double, Queen,  King, Super King, California King.

Made from 100% Tencel®.

A natural eucalyptus fibre fill and cover made from renewable plantation grown trees. Beautifully soft and silky to feel,  this high loft duvet inner is great for year-round comfort and for those who like super smooth fabrics. 

 Tencel® is 50% more moisture absorbent than natural cotton and 50% more dissipation! Ideal for managing bacteria and allergies that love warm moist environments, making it great for people with sensitive skin, asthma and allergies.

It is also fully machine washable and able to be tumble dried - so great for kids, student flats and apartment living. 

  • Provides a drier, healthier sleep
  • Helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night
  • Hypo-allergenic, naturally anti-bacterial
  • Luxurious drape and sensuous feel
  • Eco-friendly, easy care – machine washable, line or tumble dry, 
  • Warmth rating:  2-3 blankets, ideal for Autumn, Winter or Spring.

5 year guarantee
Made in Australia

Size Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Price
Single 2100 1400 NZ$269
Double 2100 1800 NZ$329
Queen 2100 2100 NZ$369
King 2100 2450 NZ$429
Super King 2100 2650 NZ$449
Califiornia King 2100 2850 NZ$475

Note: The Double size is often used for a King Single bed or a Double bed. 


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Care Instructions

Machine wash, tumble or line-dry every 6 months.  Do not iron. 
Air-out in sunlight more frequently to minimise dust mite allergen.

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What is Tencel® and how is it made?

Tencel® is derived from Eucalyptus bark.  The raw material is sourced from renewable and sustainable plantations, grown on marginal land without the use of pesticides and chemicals.  Tencel is then produced using an eco-friendly process, and has a high yield compared to cotton (Tencel needs a tenth of the water that cotton does to grow). 

Why is Tencel® great for sleep?

Tencel® has excellent moisture absorption and dissipation properties – up to 50% more effective than cotton. Because it’s naturally breathable, and since air moves freely through the fibres, it inhibits the formation of bacteria – making it ideal for sensitive skins and allergy sufferers.

Paradoxically, it has a luxurious, soft feel with excellent drape, yet it’s easy to care for, being machine washable (and can be tumble dried).

Is a Tencel® Duvet a good idea if you have allergies?

Yes – Tencel® does have natural anti-bacterial properties that can help with asthma and allergy symptoms.  But House Dust Mites can live in all types of bedding, so I recommend that you combine an Tencel® Duvet inner with the MITEGUARD Allergen Barrier system:  a mattress cover, duvet cover and a pillow cover.

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