Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet - Bassinet, Cot, Sgl, K/Sgl

Sleep Frog Organic Cotton Sheets (Made in NZ)
SleepFROG - Free Range Organic Green BeddingProudly made in New Zealand Certified Organic Cotton Sheets

For sizes: 

Bassinet up to King Single

100% Certified Organic Cotton, white.
Free from pesticides, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals that can irritate and be absorbed through your skin – making it a safer, more comfortable sleep for you and your family.

  • Finest quality, durable organic cotton. 
  • Thread count just under NZ/Aus 300 with thicker than usual superior yarn.
  • Machine washable using eco-friendly laundry powder.

Made in NZ by SleepFROG using Organic Cotton certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS):  Certified by Control Union Certifications BV, Meeuwenlaan4-6, Zwolle, Netherlands.  Certified Fair Trade by FLO-Cert, Bonn, Germany.

For full size beds, fitted sheet sizes are all made with a corner deep enough for both standard mattresses (normally 240 deep) and mattresses with toppers.  For mattresses over 360 deep, please use our made to measure service via the contact form or email us

Bassinet 800 400 100
Standard Cot 1200 600 120
American Cot 1320 760 150
Single 1900 920 360
Long Single  2030 920 360
King Single 2030 1070 360

90 day money-back guarantee.  Please see our returns policy.


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Why buy organic cotton sheets?

Did you know it takes about 500 grams of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow the cotton needed to make just one sheet! Not only is this harmful for the environment, but the residues of these toxins can remain in the end product. Organic bed linen is free from the toxic dyes and insecticides used in conventional cotton production.

Over our lifetime, we will spend about 250,000 hours in bed - and that means a lot of contact time with bedding that contain harmful chemicals.  While you are sleeping the toxins from chemicals found in bedding materials can be absorbed through your skin into your body. Our bodies are already constantly fighting the toxins found in the products and environment around us. By using organic cotton sheets, you help create an environment in your home that allows your body’s defence systems a chance to recuperate and rejuvenate.

  • Good for you and your family, as well as environmentally friendly
  • Hypoallergenic & safe
  • Durable and long lasting - organic fibres grow stronger. When cared for properly, organic cotton linens last longer than conventional products
  • Certified organic by SKAL International which means you are guaranteed that this product is 100% organic cotton

Read more about Cotton vs Certified Organic Cotton

How do I care for organic cotton sheets?

Caring for your SleepFROG® organic cotton sheets is easy. Simply machine or hand wash, preferably using eco-friendly detergents, and let it hang out in the sunshine to dry naturally.

SleepFROG care instructions


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