Alpaca & Lambswool Pillow 50/50 - Moemoe

Moemoe Alpaca & Lambswool pillow

This beautiful Moemoe superior pillow is filled with luxurious soft NZ alpaca and fine lofty NZ lambswool in a 50/50 blend.  With 950gsm of fibre, the lambswool provides support while you sleep while the alpaca fibre creates an unsurpassed softness. Both natural fibres are naturally hypo-allergenic. 
Alpaca fibres are:

  • lightweight
  • moisture resistant
  • warm

Wool fibres are:

  • breathable
  • naturally hypo-allergenic
  • naturally fire retardant 

These properties combine to give you a pillow that is supportive, breathable, hypoallergenic and ideal for a safe, comfortable sleep. 

Pillow Dimensions: 740mm  x 480 mm


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