Emotional Rescue Sleep & Relax Recue Lotion

Emotional Rescue Sleep & Relax Lotion

Indulge and unwind from a busy or stressful day in a nice natural way. Sleep & Relax Rescue lotion soothes and calms the body helping to prepare for sleep, gently quieting the mind, creating a peaceful inner environment for relaxation and restoring sleeping rhythms for a full night’s sleep.

  • Calm stress and anxiety for sleep
  • Restore sleeping rhythms
  • Relieves mild depression and loneliness
  • Tummy rub for mild menstrual cramping
  • Settle the mind, relax the body
  • Restore and repair cellular memory

Key ingredients: Sweet Marjoram and Lavender essential oil a specialized mix for sleeping with essences of Cherrry Blossom, Karo, Water Lily and Kowhai Emotional Rescue products do not contain parabens, petro-chemicals, animal by products or artificial perfumes. An aqueous base with sweet almond oil, Pro vitamin B5, Natural vitamin E essential oil and essences.

Made in New Zealand.


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